Prato Municipality 
Address: Via Santa Caterina n.17 – 59100 – Prato (Italy)
Project manager: Sara Monti; email:
Project supervisor: Amedeo Scura; email:
Telephone:  +39 0574 1835038


The major directions of the activities of the Sports Department of Prato Municipality are to develop skills for balanced growth and education of the individual at different ages, to promote the culture of sport as an opportunity for aggregation, meeting, inclusion and socializing; to ensure control of service and facility management in order to increase quality and efficiency; to give visibility to sport associations in Prato, both competitive and amateur associations, to support sport events promoting the image of Prato. The above objectives are pursued through actions of the Sport Department such as: developing relations with sport associations, managing major sports facilities, implementing sporting events over the municipal territory.

The introduction to sporting activity is also implemented through the Youth Center of Sports Yraining, the association where municipal administrations of the Province of Prato participate, with the mission to promote and spread sporting experiences, through focused educational interventions, including recreational and educational activities for children and orientation and specialization for adults. The Sport Department, in its relations with sport associations (Italian National Olympic Committee – CONI, Promotional Organizations, Clubs), delivers patronage and financial support for sport activities, sport policies through the City of Prato Trophy or the Centre for Youth Sport Training, by participating in the Provincial Board of Sport.



ACES Europe
 – European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation
Address:  Rue de la Science 14-B, 1040 Brussels (Belgium)
Contact persons:  Hugo Alonso
Telephone:  +322 588 08 13


ACES Europe is a non-profit association based in Brussels which gives every year the annual European Capital, City, Community and Town of Sport awards to municipalities in Europe. The awarding of these titles is done through a formal evaluation procedure held every year, assessing the role of sport as a factor of social integration, improvement in the quality of life, and psycho-physical well-being of citizens in the community.

The initiative of the European Capitals, Cities, and Towns of Sport is aimed at rewarding and further promoting the implementation of solid sport policies by local bodies responsible for delivering sport services to local citizens. The awards are open on an annual basis to candidacies from cities of all different sizes, in the categories of ‘Capital’, ‘City’, ‘Town’, and ‘Community’ (please see website for further details).

ACES Europe is recognized by the European Commission in the White Paper on Sport (Art.50) and has a network of more than 400 awarded cities .




NGO “My World”
Address: 21 Bulgaria Blvd – 6450 – Harmanli (Bulgaria)
Contact person:  Georgi Yakaliev
Telephone:  +359878155518


NGO “My World” is registered in 2003 as organisation of the business and employers. Now it successfully operates 2 small business incubators and implements EU projects. They are local representatives of the Bulgarian Industrial Association – – and Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Their main aims: prevent and fight against violence in sport, through educational activities targeted to young students; promote a renewed “culture of sport” based on true sport values (respect, fair play); promote sport as a vehicle for personal, social and cultural growth, social cohesion and inclusion. Since the beginning, the NGO actively work with youths, including in the field of sport also organising cross-border competitions.



OFIS – Office Intercommunal des Sports du Pays de Redon
Address: 5 rue Jacques Prado, 35600 Redon (France)
Contact Person:  Maxime Neveu
Telephone:  +33 6 60 85 26 36


The Office Intercommunal des Sports du Pays de Redon is a non-profit organization from Brittany (France) that works in favour of sport associations from the territory. The main objective of the structure is to promote and to develop all sporting activities for all.

The sport associations of our territory are our members : we work with them and for them.

We also work with motor, mental and social disabled people, children, adults, social excluded persons and we use sport as a mean of social inclusion. Moreover, our territory is very scattered and includes three departments (Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan and Loire Atlantique). Its main city is Redon even if it only counts 10 000 citizens. It is a very rural territory.

To sum up, we mostly promote the practice of sport to people that are not used to practice one, because of a geographical barrier, because of a disability or any other kind of break.




IZSR- Initiative zur sozialen Rehabilitation e V.
Address: Waller Heerstr. 193 – 28219 – Bremen (Germany)
Contact person: Jörg Tapking
Telephone: +4942147877112


Initiative E.V. is a registered non-profit association of public utility. It was founded in the year of 1982 in Bremen in parallel to the closure of “Kloster Blankenburg”, the Bremen psychiatric clinic where long-time patient were kept away from society far outside the town. The aim of the association is to provide alternatives to hospitalization in mental health for people with mental disorders, drugs addiction, mental diseases and learning difficulties. This association wants to support these people to take part in social life through psychological education, living social rehabilitation and sport/cultural activities. INI usually publishes a journal written by people having experiences in mental distress and it improves social inclusion by organizing several national and international sport events for people in a risk of exclusion.




Megálló Csoport Alapìtvàny Szenvedélybetegekért
Address: Jòzef u. 49 – 1084 – Budapest (Hungary)
Contact Person: Peter Havasi
Telephone: +36 1 303 65 74, +36 70 953 9283


The Megálló Group Foundation is an association active in the field of sport. The aim of this organization is to support young people who have addiction problems with drugs or alcohol and to stimulate every sort of positive change. This process is achieved through group activities, work and community such as running a drop-in service, day-time rehabilitation, prevention, education, art therapy and therapy-oriented sport activities. Sport employment, like soccer-cups and yoga classes are used to encourage the improvements of people with addictions and psychiatric illnesses. The most popular sport activities of this association are climbing and football.



Polisportiva Aurora
Address: Via Attilio Ciardi, 20 –59100 Prato (Italy)
Contact Person:  Claudio Martini
Telephone:  +39 0574 870345


The birth of Polisportiva Aurora comes from an idea of some mental health professionals and users of  the Mental Health Department of Prato. Since 1994, it becomes an independent sport association, officially recognized with its own statute and seat.

Polisportiva Aurora  is focused on activate and enhance the hidden resources  present in the territory  of Prato in term of human, professional and institutional potentials. In this way, Aurora involves disadvantaged people not only for competitive sport, but also for learning and reaching through sport social competences. At the moment The association  also provides informal training & work’s opportunities for users of mental health services.




PODES – Associaçao para a Promoçao do  Desenvolvimento Sustentàvel
Address: R. David Sousa, 13 – 1000-105 – Lisbon (Portugal)
Contact person: Rui Rebello
Telephone: +351 912532635


PODES is a Portuguese multidisciplinary non-governmental organization, active in the field of social inclusion of disabled people. PODES has developed significant experiences in some EU projects in the matter of education, health promotion, lifelong learning, aimed at the improvement of capacities building and learning opportunities for disabled people.
Through the employment in sport activities, these people can strengthen the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable results and to be included in some important tasks.




FAISEM – Andalusian Public Foundatiòn for Social Integration of the People with Mental disorders
Address: C/ Campo de los Màrtires, 13 – 41018 – Seville (Spain)
Contact person:  Andrés López Pardo
Telephone: +34955007500


FAISEM was born in 1993 with the responsibility of supporting public services through the Department of Health and Social Services; Education, Sports and Culture of the regional government of Andalucía.  The aim of the organization is to provide social support for individuals with serious mental illness and to ensure them a set of services in coordination with the Service of the Department of Sports, the mental health services and social services networks.

Ever since its creation, FAISEM has been consolidating a network of resources for social support that serves 10.000 people with disabilities who suffer from a serious mental disorder, within residential resources, social enterprises, social clubs, workshops, daycare centers, programs for the attention of homeless people and those within jails and sports programs, in which a total of 1,053 people carry out a professional activity, 73.2% of which are women (772) and 26.8% are men (281).

FAISEM’s action is aimed at the development of a program of sport activities in the region of Andalucía with the support of local government, at national and European levels.




OxSPA – Oxfordshire Sport & Physical Activity
Address:  Horspath Road – OX4 2RH – Oxford (United Kindgom)
Contact persons:  Ed Nicholas and Lucy Tappin
Email: and
Telephone:  +44 (0) 7483 010626


The Oxfordshire Oxfordshire Sport & Physical Activity sits within the Oxford City Council. Key activities include facilitating the local partners/organisations in increasing the local offer, leading on specific interventions targeting children and young people, disabled people, specifically mental health and the sedentary populations.
Its Strategic Priorities are to:

  • Ensure that all children enjoy an active start in life and continue their participation in physical activity and sport into adulthood
  • Help adults to live longer and more healthy lives by ensuring sport and physical activity becomes part of daily life
  • Narrow the participation gap for those who take part least by developing innovative collaborative approaches
  • Develop better team work; strong and shared leadership within the Sports Partnership network
  • Grow resources and improve efficiency across the sport and physical activity system
  • Understand and respond via high quality services to the needs of participants and partners
  • Improve the capability of individuals and organisations working or volunteering