INSPORT+ is intended to exchange the very different ways, models and approaches applied in EU Member States both at national and local level on the project issues. The approach of the project is to build upon the experience developed by the partners to improve the effectiveness of their policies to stimulate and support disabled people to undertake sport activities. Through the involvement of local authorities and sport stakeholders active at local level, the project activities will mainly focus on awareness-raising activities addressed to the identified target groups and citizens.

The specific activities and objectives of the project are the following ones:

  1. mobilising local stakeholder groups in order to: (i) support voluntary-based sport activities; (ii) promote increased cooperation among relevant stakeholders (social      services, volunteers, users and their families, sport organisations, authorities and institutions dealing with sport, mental health and education, etc.); (iii) encourage participation of people with mental disabilities in sport;
  2. organising interregional events at partners’ locations, with the participation of local stakeholder groups, experts in the field and the other European partners in order to exchange information, experiences and good practices about effective ways of promoting the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities through sport;
  3. improving knowledge on the delivery of sport and physical activity for people with mental disabilities through a research into the local, regional and national contexts.
  4. extensive communication of the project content across relevant networks and channels to raise awareness on the situation of people with a mental disability, the role of sport as a means to promote their social inclusion, the opportunity of making sport and physical activity more accessible in the different cultural settings