11-12 July 2017: Université Européenne du Sport 2017

group pic ues 2017

Strasbourg (France) – On 11-12 July 2017, INSPORT+ participated in the ‘Université Européenne du Sport 2017 (UES 2017)’, the European Sport Convention, now in its 2nd edition following the first inaugural event in 2015, also held in the capital of the Alsace region.
The event was organised by UFOLEP – the French Union of Physical Education – and La Ligue de l’Enseignement – a French confederation representing over 100 local associations delivering education programmes across the entire French territory, including education through sport, also in partnership with key local, national, and European partners.
The INSPORT+ partnership was represented by Eduardo Balekjian, Project Manager of ACES Europe, who took part in a roundtable on ‘The role of sport in citizenship’ and delivered an oral presentation on the impact of sport for people with mental health illnesses and mental disabilities in the INSPORT+ partner locations.
Eduardo highlighted how INSPORT+ has helped our partner organisations promote issues that are important and common to us as a partnership:
Volunteering in sport
Cooperation between partners at local level (local associations, families/parents/significant others, volunteers, policy-makers, and individuals who are relevant stakeholders)
European cooperation as a tool for inclusion and sport promotion
Training of managers and coaches in sport
Citizen engagement for people with disabilities and with mental health problems in their areas
By enhancing all these issues and practices through our partner organisations locally, INSPORT+ has helped promote sport as a fundamental vector in the training and inclusion of all citizens through sport.
We have gathered these preliminary results for dissemination also to illustrate that sport has helped bring our beneficiaries into contact with other people and where it is a powerful means of:
– Overcoming social isolation
– Promoting self-confidence
– Improving individuals’ health
– Providing them with opportunities to have fun
Sport has been a means of making our beneficiaries more visible in public – not as people with problems or disabilities – but as people who are engaged in sport and who are part of a sporting community.
Addressing all of these issues have helped us, moreover, change the public’s view of our beneficiaries through INSPORT+.
For more information on UES 2017, please see: https://inscriptions.ufolep.org/ues2017