26-30 September 2016: interregional event of OFIS


Interregionl event of OFIS

After the official kick-off of INSPORT+ in Prato, the French partner Office Intercommunal des Sports du Pays de Redon (OFIS) welcomed representatives from 6 partners (Aurora, FAISEM, IZSR, NGO MY Wold, Megallo Group Foundation and Prato Municipality) in its interregional event that took place from the 27th to the 30th of September.

After a preliminary meeting on the state of art of the project, European partners took part in a “rallye photos” (orienteering course with photos) aimed at introducing participants to discover the city of Redon and at promoting exchange, sharing and inclusion. Many different people answered the invitation and took part in the event. In addition to our European partners (13 people), a total of 70 people from 5 different structures and local stakeholder organisations took part, including 40 high school students and members of the community of people with mental disabilities. Inclusion was promoted with the mixing of people with different capacities, origins and ages.

The following day a conference Looks at mental disability was organized in Rennes. After the introductory speeches from OFIS Chairman and of the Vice-President of the Conseil Départemental of Ille-et-Vilaine, French and European experts exchanged experiences about their work in the fields of sport, work (and the implication of the disabled person in the “decision-making process”) and research.

The afternoon and the last day were dedicated to sporting activities, adapted to disabled people, and presented by OFIS and some local partners: Handi Sport e la Fédération Française du Sport Adapté. Also the two representatives of the Italian association La Quarta Via participated with a demonstration of danceability and a lesson of martial arts.


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